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About Us

Tips For Viewing the Eclipse!

  • Get your eclipse glasses early! They will sell out in the weeks before eclipse day. We offer eclipse glasses which are ISO 12312-2 certified and made in the USA at Great American Eclipse Viewing Glasses.

  • Learn the simple methods to safely view a solar eclipse. Visit for detailed instructions.

  • Plan ahead. If you choose to stay in a hotel, be aware that most will sell out. A perfect guide to planning your eclipse is our Field Guide, Great American Eclipse Field Guide.

  • Get to your destination early and try to spend eclipse night at or near your viewing location. Expect the highways and freeways to be extra busy in the aftermath of totality.

  • Be self-sufficient. Fill up your gas tank and bring food and water.

  • Check the local TV weather reports as eclipse day approaches. The meteorologists will give you great advice on viewing the eclipse and whether you may need to relocate. We recommend as the essential site for eclipse meteorology.

  • Unless you are an experienced photographer, we recommend that you not attempt photography during the eclipse. You will be so stunned that it will be difficult to operate a camera. If you choose to do photography, visit Fred Espenak’s MrEclipse for advice.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing rapid, safe, and effective search and rescue operations, utilizing the most advanced equipment and techniques, and working collaboratively with other emergency response organizations to save lives and prevent injury.

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